Projects and Maintenance Managed

We understand that Oil and Gas Producers have complex operations to manage.  We offer complete vegetation management programs to maintain your sites.

True Electronic field Data

Data tells a story, follows progress from the office. Invoicing & Electronic Data: Paperless field data reports including site photos done by smart phones saves time. Yes it works without cell service, Use client login to retrieve data.

GPS Site Tracking

GPS Navigation: We use computer GPS with oil field mapping to access locations and track progress including: LSD’s,  PLA’s and LOC’s.  All data belongs to each individual customer and is kept confidential.  Upload or e-mail a list of surface LSD’s you want completed.

What sets us apart?

+10 Years Experience: expertise to meet your specific requirements in the most effective and efficient manner. Experienced in production and reclamation vegetation control with specilized equipment and experience.



Casey Dueck